The extension aims to be as theme-friendly as possible. Although the dock appearence is inherited from the default dash ensuring always basic theme support, some themes target dash to dock specifically. For more information on the theming support visit the theming development section.

Adwaita Dash to Dock

Screenshot of the patched Adwaita dash-to-dock theme An extended Adwaita, the default theme, is available. Compared with the defaut theme, this theme only applies minor changes to the dash as shown on the screenshot.

  • reduce the padding to save space.
  • and adds dots indicating running application.

Prior to version 29 a dedicated theme - Adwaita-dashtodock - was developed. Since version 29 this is built in the extension and can be enabled from the extension setttings. For previous versions, the theme can be downloaded from the [theme development page] (

Other themes supporting the extension

This is an uncomplete list of themes that are known to support Dash to Dock extension:

If you know or you authored a theme supporting dash to dock and you want to see it listed here, please contact me.